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Kerber keen to return to tour after giving birth

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

The German pulled out of the US Open earlier this year when she announced her pregnancy.

Angelique Kerber is planning on returning to tennis next year, according to the WTA website.

The 34-year-old confirmed it was a case of when, not if, she returns to the tour.

In August, she pulled out of the US Open after announcing her pregnancy. She is due to give

birth in the European spring

She admitted to taking inspiration from other returning mums to the tennis tour.

Kerber also recognised that when some mums return, they also win big titles.

She admitted to missing tennis life and is looking forward to returning to the tour.

Kerber said she had spoken to other tennis-playing mothers in the past. She queried Serena

Williams, Kim Clijsters and Victoria Azarenka about navigating the challenges of motherhood

combined with playing professional tennis.


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