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Venus Williams vows to continue

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

The older Williams sister said she will not be following in Serena’s footsteps in leaving the


Venus Williams has said she will continue playing in 2023, even as she nears her 43rd


Williams is the oldest player ranked by the WTA but she said she felt energised by her

doubles match at the US Open, when she teamed up with sister Serena.

Venus Williams has previously said that it isn’t about winning or losing for her as she just

enjoys being on tour and playing tennis.

She said a lot of people have been asking her if she will continue in 2023.

And the older Williams sister said she hasn’t given up on improving her game either. She

hopes that some small tweaks will make her a danger once again.

Sister Serena left the sport in September after bowing out at the US Open.


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